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Mo Khodadadi

Founder & CEO | Satis
Mo-Khodadadi - Satis
ABOUT Mo Khodadadi

Dr. Mohammad (“Mo”) Khodadadi is the founder and CEO of SATIS.AI, the AI Powered Operational Platform for Kitchens. SATIS.AI’s mission is to bring nutritious, affordable, joyful food for all, while preserving the planet. He is a technology advisor and entrepreneur with a proven track record of success in bridging the gap between science, artificial intelligence (AI), and management. He draws on his technical expertise and business acumen to connect stakeholders throughout technology organizations while developing and implementing strategies to overcome institutional silos.

Mo has a special interest in the food, health and biotech sector, where he has spent the past six years building and leading AI, data, and engineering teams in high-growth, intelligence-driven businesses. Notably, he was part of the leadership team at Babylon Health as the firm grew from 28 to 2,400 employees and from a valuation of 24M£ to 2B£ over a four-year period.

In early 2020, Mo founded SATIS.AI, a technology startup using advanced AI to understand the  characteristics of meals and ingredient sourcing, transformations, and alternatives. SATIS.AI ultimately aims to deliver personalized food to people around the world through the paradigm shift on food production and kitchens.