EIT Food – Proud partner of F&A Next 2019

EIT Food is Europe’s leading agrifood innovation initiative, with the aim to create a sustainable and future-proof food sector. The initiative is made up of a consortium of key industry players, start-ups, research centres and universities from across Europe.  Together we are undertaking a global transformation of how food is produced and valued by society as only through an integrated approach and an ecosystem of diverse actors, including the consumer, we will be able to tackle the challenges and reap benefits for all.

A new revolution in food has the potential to create healthy food systems that sustain our society and our planet. Innovation and emerging technologies present opportunities to tackle the food challenges while generating triple-wins. Possibilities are ample, but this is only possible if we all work together. Bringing different actors and their strengths together to innovate the food system is the work of EIT Food and also why we support initiatives as F&ANext.


FoodPairing: Foodpairing® is a food tech company and pioneer in the digitization of flavor. Foodpairing® Inspire is known to be ‘The world’s largest creative chef network’. We still are! We inspire + 200.000 chefs in + 50 countries to create new flavor combinations based on science. But we are much more.

For the food industry, we are a business intelligence company identifying the successful flavor combinations of tomorrow. We offer consumer flavor intelligence. How? By combining scientific flavor insights and unique consumer data we reduce the time to market and increase the success rate of product launches.

Our long-term mission is to become the leading AI platform for personalized flavor recommendations by powering e-commerce, smart kitchen and eHealth applications of 3rd parties. Through our flavorID®, we deliver the most accurate recommendations and exciting new recipes, promoting healthy and sustainable lives.

OME: OME Health is a London-based personalised nutrition company. We provide gut microbiome, genetics, and other biomarkers-based digital personalised nutrition coaching to deliver health outcomes – weight loss, increased energy and hypertension prevention. OME partners with food, pharma, and insurance companies to offer evidence-based nutrition programmes to clients and employees.

Microbion: Microbion is a Contract Research Organization in the field of molecular microbiology applied to agriculture, food, nutraceutical, pharma industry. We are a Verona University spin-off serving startups, SME and large enterprises with technology transfer applied to products development and processes optimization. Microbion provides custom-based research services and is developing innovative tools to understand and valorize microbial biodiversity.