F&A Next connects innovative food and agriculture startups to dedicated investors and forward thinking corporates for a smarter and a more sustainable food system

Rabobank, Anterra Capital, Wageningen University & Research and StartLife, collectively the Founding Partners of F&A Next, believe that innovation will be key to sustainably feed future generations.

A growing and wealthier global population will push the  global demand for food some 60%. At the same time arable land and natural resources are nearing their limits. Ensuring sustainability and economic viability for the long term, the food and agri value chain will have to produce more with less . Disruptive innovation in itself is not enough; it also needs to be implemented and transformed into tangible applications. We need entrepreneurs for their drive, investors for their belief and corporates for their mass impact. Therefore in 2016  the Founding Partners  launched F&A Next to boost innovation and entrepreneurship in European food & agriculture by hosting investors, startups, food & agribusiness executives and farmers for one and a half day of pitching, networking and debating the dynamics in food and agriculture. F&A Next is about thought leadership and connecting promising startups/ scaleups, to dedicated food & agtech investors and innovative corporates.