Maurien Olsthoorn

Senior Science Fellow | dsm-firmenich
ABOUT Maurien Olsthoorn

Maurien is a Senior Science Fellow at dsm-firmenich, a global leader in co-creating and innovating solutions for nutrition, health, and beauty. With renowned science and technology capabilities, we work to create what is essential for life, desirable for consumers, and more sustainable for the planet. After earning her Ph.D. in biomolecular mass spectrometry of glycoconjugates, Maurien joined the company in 2000 and had since held various roles in biotech and food innovation. Over the past seven years, she has been instrumental in driving strategic analytical sciences developments for research & development across the company, providing key insights for all stages of innovation.

In addition, Maurien was involved in the development of Delvo®ONE, an all-in-one cultures solution based on machine learning and a co-creation platform for yogurt producers that uniquely creates yogurt culture blends. Presently, she manages a team of dairy cultures experts and leads a technology program focused on disruptive food solutions that support the protein transition away from animal origin towards more plant-based alternatives.

Maurien is part of the Feike Sijbesma Sustainable Innovation Award team.

“It is a true honor that, in the spirit of the legacy of my company’s former CEO, Feike Sijbesma, this award stimulates for the third consecutive year innovators to scale their science-based solutions with a specific focus on sustainable, climate-resilient food systems. I look forward to being inspired by the innovations contributing to solve the world’s biggest problems!”