Nurturing ideas that can change the world: the journey of Tupu

In the heart of the urban landscape, where the buzz of innovation meets the green of nature, Tupu stands as a beacon of sustainable agriculture. As one of last year’s ‘Next Heroes in Food and Agtech‘ at F&A Next, Tupu has not only set a new precedent for urban farming but has also paved the way for future agripreneurs. Tupu has catapulted into the financial limelight with a 3M seed round, co-led by FoodLabs and Zubi Capital, alongside other notable investors. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Eldad Arnon, co-founder and CEO, to discuss their groundbreaking journey since being spotlighted at F&A Next 2023.  

Transforming Urban Agriculture: An Insightful Journey with Eldad Arnon of Tupu  

A Year of Exponential Growth 
Since their appearance at F&A Next, Tupu has seen remarkable progress. “We managed to close our seed round and saw significant growth on the commercial front,” shares Eldad. Their foray into retail, expanding into various locations in Berlin, marks a significant milestone for the startup. However, it’s their relentless pursuit of innovation, particularly in harvesting automation and AI camera vision algorithms, that truly underscores their commitment to revolutionizing urban agriculture. 

The Catalyst of Change: F&A Next 
Reflecting on their participation in F&A Next, Eldad attributes a part of their success to the exposure and networking opportunities the event provided. “It was a very good opportunity for us to spread the word,” he says, emphasizing the importance of connecting with like-minded individuals and potential investors who are just as passionate about sustainable agriculture. “Platforms like F&A Next are invaluable, providing the visibility and connections that startups in our space desperately need.” 

The Future is Bright, and It’s Powered by AI 
As we delve into Tupu’s journey, it’s clear that their success is not just in mushroom cultivation but in pioneering a sustainable, efficient, and technologically advanced approach to urban farming.  Looking ahead, Tupu is set to harness the power of technology to further their mission. The focus on developing sustainable energy solutions and investing in the right team underscores their forward-thinking approach. “The AI topic is becoming a source,” Eldad notes, pointing out the shift towards solving industry-wide challenges through innovative technologies.  

A Call for Resilient Supply Chains and Circular Economy 
Eldad believes the future of agriculture lies in resilience and circularity. “Everything related to resilient supply chains is really interesting,” he states, advocating for automation and circular approaches to tackle the pressing issues facing farmers today. His insights resonate with the broader goals of F&A Next, highlighting the event’s role in fostering discussions that are pivotal for the advancement of the agrifood sector. 


“Simplify your pitch.
A compelling pitch distils complex innovations into clear, relatable narratives, making the problem and solution accessible to all.” 


Overcoming Challenges with Vision and Perseverance 
When asked about the challenges and fears faced in the early days of Tupu, Eldad candidly shares, “My biggest fear was that we wouldn’t manage to make this dream come true.” Yet, through perseverance, innovation, and a bit of bravery, Tupu has managed to bring their vision to reality, transforming urban spaces into fertile grounds for gourmet mushrooms. In tackling the complexities of urban agriculture, Eldad highlights scaling their most formidable challenge. “Transitioning from producing hundreds of kilos to several tons of mushrooms, while simultaneously enhancing technology for operational efficiency.. ” Eldad sighs, smiling, “well, that really exemplifies the hurdles of growth.” 

A Message to Aspiring StartUps  
For startups aiming to make an impact, Eldad’s advice is simple, but golden. “Simplify your pitch. A compelling pitch distils complex innovations into clear, relatable narratives, making the problem and solution accessible to all.” And we fully agree with that. It’s about striking a balance between technical detail and universal appeal, ensuring your audience, regardless of their background, grasps the essence of your innovation. Eldad emphasizes “being able to explain the most complex things in a simple way is essential to laying the groundwork for meaningful engagement with potential investors and partners.” 

Looking Forward to F&A Next 
As F&A Next gears up for another edition, Eldad expresses enthusiasm for participating again, highlighting the event’s unique atmosphere that fosters intimate networking and meaningful exchanges.  

In a world where sustainability and innovation intersect, Tupu’s journey is a testament to the power of vision, technology, and community. As we look forward to seeing their continued growth and the emergence of this editions new ‘Next Heroes in Food and Agtech,’ it’s clear that the future of agriculture is not just about growing food, but about nurturing ideas that can change the world. 




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