F&A Next 2021: The Impact Of Innovation

The Impact of Innovation

F&A Next invites investors, entrepreneurs and experts to address the next challenges of our sector on Wednesday, 26 May 2021 at the 6th annual F&A Next Summit. Aside from offering you the opportunity to virtually meet and greet with all participants, we look forward to showcasing the next scaling food and agtech companies and moderating interesting debates between our distinguished panelist. 

Food & Ag Innovation only started around 2014 and has definitely gained momentum ever since. In 2020 investments in global food and agtech have risen, irrespective of Covid-19 influences. The pandemic did, however, trigger changes in consumer behavior. Has ‘life as we know it’ irrevocably changed? And what about the much-needed innovation earlier in the value chain? At F&A Next, Rob Leclerc, founding Partner of Agfunder and Nicholas Fereday, Executive Director Food & Agribusiness at Rabobank, will compare notes.

Chasing proteins: will plants replace the animals?

Each generation consumes more proteins than the one before. Will overall global meat consumption continue to grow or will conventional meat eventually be reduced to a small minority thanks to plant-based animal alternatives and cultured meat?

Convergence of Food, Ag and Tech?

After pushing agricultural output to the max for decades, we must now dramatically reduce the environmental impact of food production for sustainably meeting the needs of a growing population. How will digitization and tech come to the rescue?

Targeting Zero Carbon

Agriculture’s ‘foodprint’ in greenhouse gas emission is significant. Soil carbon sequestration, removing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil carbon pool, can have significant potential. At the same time, there are many unknowns including what would be the most effective practices to store CO2.

Why can only a few scale an early-stage business?

Successfully scaling an early-stage business is challenging. But why does only a very small group of startups manage to disrupt the agrifood sector and create the envisaged impact? Is it about conservatism of the industry, regulation, access to capital or…?

Join Our Virtual Summit

While our aim was to physically host the upcoming edition of F&A Next at the Campus of Wageningen University & Research, another virtual summit is today’s reality. With well over 1,100 live viewers and participants from 67 countries in last year’s edition, we look forward to another great summit this year. Check the program and speakers (more speakers are yet to be announced) and make sure to get your ticket.

Early Bird Ticket with a 25% discount

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