Meet the 12 Next Heroes in Food & Agtech 2022

All over the world, ambitious founders of startups aim to shape a healthy and sustainable food system with their novel technologies. This year, F&A Next has selected 12 of Europe’s most promising startups in Food & Agtech to pitch live on stage. Their solutions, which address new sources of proteins, valorize sidestreams, support healthy diets and more, exemplify the creativity and ingenuity that has global investors eager to place their bets on the agrifoodtech sector at large. Here’s a sneak peek at who they are.

Next Heroes in Foodtech 2022

With a global shout out for more healthy and sustainable food (production), the interest for novel food technologies has risen fast. At F&A Next, seven promising emerging growth companies transforming food & agriculture will showcase their solutions and answer questions from our panel of judges.

Biorena (Germany): Organic and regionally sourced grocery delivey – delivered in a sustainable, convenient and predictable way.
Eatch: delivers good healthy meals for an everyday price to your door, using proprietary automated kitchens together with a milkman distribution model.
Innomy (Spain): developed a range of animal protein substitute products based on the cultivation of mushroom mycelium
MicroHarvest (Germany): leverages nature’s most efficient bacteria to make better, healthier and tastier protein
NoPalm Ingredients (Netherlands): Produces a palm oil alternative by fermenting side streams.
Orbisk (Netherlands): Monitors and reduces food waste in professional kitchens by employing progressive AI technology, improving sustainability and profitability
Orderlion (Austria): eCommerce OS to digitize the global food supply chain


Next Heroes in Agtech 2022

After pushing agricultural output to the max for decades, we are now facing the absolute need to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of food production if we wish to sustainably meet the needs of a growing population. Digitization and tech are needed to disrupt traditional approaches including sustainable agricultural inputs, alternative proteins and e-commerce, reducing food loss and waste along the way. At F&A Next, the following five promising emerging growth companies transforming agriculture will present their ideas, concepts and pitches.

Ekonoke (Spain): provides solutions for indoor farming with IoT, automation, AI and robotics to ensure climate-resilient hops farming.
OneSoil (Switzerland): Provides a platform that helps farmers and agricultural companies be more profitable and sustainable.
Pivotal (UK): builds an economy that puts nature and business in balance – by incentivizing the regeneration of biodiversity at scale.
Plantik (France): builds next-generation plant breeding technologies to create better plants much faster.
Terraview (Spain): builds a Climate SaaS OS for the wine industry, providing intelligence & certainty and helping with production, distribution and capital needs for the next decade.

Meet the Next Heroes in Food & Agtech at F&A Next

Curious to learn more about the innovative solutions of these twelve startups? Then make sure to join F&A Next 2022, in person or online. You can purchase your ticket here.

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