Serving the future of food!

The F&A Next menu contains next generation food, prepared with love and respect for our planetary boundaries. Enjoy a delicious deep dive into the future of food!

F&A Next Startup Specials

Vegan Bacon
~ La Vie

Delicious plant-based bacon that brings veggie food into another dimension: food that is better for our planet, people and animals. Source of fiber, made with less than 2% saturated fat and rich in protein. Made in France with >90% European ingredients. Reducing your carbon footprint can start with an amazing carbonara.

Potatoes Au Gratin with TTM Sunflower Cream
~ by Time-travelling Milkman

Gratin prepared with TTM Sunflower Cream, a sustainable dairy cream replacer with irresistible plant-based creaminess, designed by food scientists from Wageningen. Using only sunflower seeds and water, this cream is plant-based, non-allergenic, very low in saturated fat, heat & acid stable, clean label and very easy to use.

Plant-Based Maki Rolls (Salmon & Tuna)
– by Bluana

A signature plant-based sushi roll made with alternative fish containing potato protein. Mimics the taste and texture of salmon and tuna using natural flavorings. Filled with rice and vegetables, wrapped in nori seaweed. Topped with vegan mayo, sesame seeds, and microgreens for added flavor and texture. Can be sliced into bite-sized pieces for serving.

Plant-Based Sashimi (Salmon & Tuna)
~ by Bluana

A plant-based sashimi product made with alternative fish containing potato protein. Mimics the taste and texture of salmon and tuna using natural flavorings. Topped with unagi mushrooms, pickled ginger, and wasabi for a traditional Japanese flavor profile. Served in thin slices, perfect for a sushi platter or appetizer.

Smoked Plant-Based Salmon Canapés
~ by Bluana

A plant-based appetizer made with smoked alternative fish containing potato protein. Mimics the flavor and appearance of smoked salmon using natural flavorings. Served on a small piece of bread or cracker, topped with vegan cream cheese, capers, and herbs. Perfect for entertaining or as a fancy snack.

Chork Chunks
~ by Revyve

Tacos with Revyve Chork Chunks: a delicious clean-label, better for you and the planet, chicken & pork vegan alternative made with pea protein and upcycled brewer’s yeast proteins and fiber. That real taste and texture without compromise.

Other delicious food & drinks

Day menu at Omnia

  • Lemonade bar & Naturally flavoured water
  • Coffee bar
  • Mix of Sandwiches & Wraps
  • Sweet potato & chili-soup (vegan)
  • Tomato soap (vegan)
  • Various cakes and muffins
  • Biological Currie Pie (vegan)
  • Banana bread (vegan)
  • Quich (vegan)
  • Salad bar
  • Various sweets & fruits


Dinner menu at the Wageningsche Berg

  • Vegan beetroot balls with cream of feta and sumac
  • Mini tortilla with pulled jack fruit with smoked tomato ketchup
  • Soup of fennel and saffron with caviar of micro herbs
  • Seaweed hotdog with cauliflower leaf chimichurri
  • Risotto of pearl barley oyster mushrooms shaved red cheese
  • Vegan stew with Quinoa and seed mix
  • Churros with cinnamon cane sugar
  • Artisanal ice creams

Bon appetit!