Serving the future of food!

The F&A Next 2024 menu contains next generation food and drinks, prepared with love and respect for our planetary boundaries. Enjoy a delicious deep dive into the future of food!

F&A Next Startup Specials

Sashlik New II
~ Rival Foods

Rival Food’s plant-based chicken satay skewers, made with their revolutionary (patented) shear cell technology, contain only 7 ingredients and 28% of protein. Made from pea, soy and wheat proteins, these tender cubes work great with satay sauce and easily replace the animal-based version on any menu!


Coffee-free Coffee
– by Northern Wonder

Coffee is a significant driver of deforestation, prompting Northern Wonder to pioneer the development of coffee made from non-tropical ingredients. Much like Oatly’s approach to milk, Northern Wonder is revolutionizing coffee production. The coming years this food tech start-up will get closer and closer to a 100% match of the coffee flavour and aroma. At F&A Next, you have the opportunity to taste the latest iteration of their ‘Coffee-free Coffee’.

Cold Brew Coffee
~ by Wakuli

Wakuli is a young, impact first coffee brand from Amsterdam. With a mission to change the coffee industry for good, they have just introduced their Nitro cold brew cans. 100% specialty coffee, refreshing, and exciting. The coffees are produced by their partners of BAHO in Kinazi, Rwanda, and Cafesmo in El Pinal, Honduras. As always, the farmers get a higher price for their beans due to the short chain and the long term, direct relationship.

Other delicious food & drinks

Day menu at Omnia

  • Lemonade-bars tap & Natural flavored waters
  • Various mini sandwiches
  • Red Beet & Carrot tortillas 
  • Chicken Pie Curry
  • Sausage rolls & Vegan Sausage rolls
  • Pearl Couscous salad & Quinoa salad
  • Lentils Curry Pie (vegan)
  • Banana bread (vegan)
  • Lemon Poppy cake & Carrot cake
  • Various sweets & fruits

Dinner menu at the WICC

  • Fruit de Mer corner:
    • Mussels, Oysters, Shrimp, Gambas
  • Salad Corner:
    • Salad Shaker Caprese, Quiche Lorraine, Vegetable Quiche
  • Asian Corner:
    • Nigiri shusi roll, Poke-bowl (vegan)
  • Sweet Corner:
    • Kokos panna cotta, frozen yoghurt, red velvet curd

Bon appétit!