Book a room at Wageningen International Congress Centre (WICC)

Need a place to stay? Book a room at the Wageningen International Conference Center in Wageningen. Benefit from the many business facilities of this four-star conference center with special F&A Next tariffs. Enjoy the comfort of walking up to your room after F&A Next drinks and conference dinner on Wednesday and shuttle service.

For your convenience, we have arranged a large number of hotel rooms to be available at the Wageningen International Congress Centre (WICC), which is only a seven minutes drive from Wageningen Campus. A shuttle service between the hotel and Wageningen Campus is available on 18 May (09:30 – 22:30) and 19 May (07:00 – 18:00). On Wednesday evening, WICC is also the venue for our conference dinner.

The combination of a four-star hotel with all modern business facilities and a beautiful terrace on the water will ensure a comfortable stay while visiting F&A Next in Wageningen.

Types of rooms

Room prices start at € 91 euro per night for a single room, including breakfast. Plus local taxes of €3 per person per night.

  1. Single room: standard room (10 m2)
  2. Single Deluxe room: fully equipped and the comfortable seating area gives you that little bit of extra comfort.  (16-18 m2)
  3. Twin room: stylishly furnished room (15-20 m2).
  4. Twin Deluxe room: stylishly furnished with a comfortable seating area (20-25 m2)
  5. Jr. Loft:  your design oasis to end a long day in the most relaxed way (50 m2)

Visit the WICC website to explore the rooms in more detail.

Make sure to use these booking codes

Please make sure to use the following booking codes when reserving rooms, otherwise you are likely to be informed that all hotel rooms are fully booked already. In addition, the codes provide you with a nice discount.

  1. Single room: 313299
  2. Single Deluxe room: 968689
  3. Twin room: 472157
  4. Twin Deluxe room: 633904
  5. Jr. Loft: 196725

To place your reservation, click here.


If you have any questions about hotel bookings at WICC or would like to make a reservation for a date other than 16-19 May, please contact the hotel directly at

Alternative accommodation

In case WICC is fully booked, the following hotels might be an alternative. Please note that we don’t have special deals with these hotels and we also do not offer a shuttle service from these locations. In between brackets you will find the distance to Wageningen Campus.

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