Surging Ahead: Voltiris’ Post-F&A Next Trajectory

Last year’s F&A Next summit illuminated some of the most innovative startups poised to transform the industry. Among these shining stars was Voltiris, a Swiss company that enables the energy transition of greenhouses via solar modules. The company has continued to grow and evolve since being spotlighted as a ‘Next Hero in Food & Agtech’ in 2023. We caught up with CEO & Co-Founder &  Nicolas Weber,, to reflect on their journey since their pitch at F&A Next.

Voltiris was founded in 2022 and specializes in helping greenhouses increase sustainability and profitability through more efficient use of solar energy.

Voltiris Shines Brighter

Post-F&A Next, Voltiris established partnerships with industry giants like 3M, utility companies and key players in the greenhouse sector. These collaborations, ranging from manufacturing to financing of solar projects and research, underscore the significance of F&A Next in fostering meaningful connections. The exposure at F&A Next opened doors to potential investment opportunities. In fact, Nicolas shares that he is currently in discussion with several investors following connections made at F&A Next last year.

Since their appearance at F&A Next, Voltiris has experienced significant momentum. “We successfully executed 14 projects across five countries,” Weber shares, highlighting the deployment of their largest project yet. This expansion not only showcases Voltiris’ solution across various crops but also marks a significant leap in their revenue.

Voltiris has refined its business model to an “Energy-as-a-Service” solution, collaborating with energy utilities in Switzerland. This model emphasizes Voltiris’ commitment to removing cost barriers and facilitating the adoption of sustainable solutions at scale.

Overcoming Challenges: Building Trust and Proving Efficacy

Navigating the introduction of new technology into greenhouses was among the significant challenges faced by Voltiris. Through engagement and collaboration with growers, the company has demonstrated the capability of their solution to enhance sustainability without compromising crop yields.

Voltiris is set to expand its solar projects and prepare for the industrialization of its production. With ambitions to become the go-to energy partner for greenhouse operators, Voltiris envisions a future where greenhouses are energetically independent and sustainable.

Network and Recognition: The Next Heroes Impact

Being recognized as a ‘Next Hero in Food & AgTech’ significantly enhanced Voltiris’ brand visibility, aiding in recruitment and bolstering credibility among stakeholders. The connections made at the event have been invaluable, with Weber mentioning the recruitment of Kaz Vermeer (now Voltiris’ Head of Commercialization) as a notable outcome, which has facilitated Voltiris’ market entry into the Netherlands.

Voltiris’ journey post-F&A Next is a testament to the importance of platforms like F&A Next in catalyzing the growth and success of startups in the sector. Weber’s parting words resonate with aspiring innovators, “F&A Next is a springboard to success.” Voltiris welcomes collaboration with growers seeking sustainable energy solutions, investors dedicated to advancing the energy transition of horticulture, or individuals eager to contribute to greener food systems. To connect with Voltiris, please reach out directly to Nicolas at

As Voltiris continues to grow and evolve, their journey serves as an inspiration to all future participants of F&A Next, illustrating the profound impact such a platform can have on a startup’s trajectory.

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