Time-Travelling Milkman’s Journey After F&A Next

During last F&A Next edition, Time-Travelling Milkman, a startup dedicated to enhancing plant-based dairy with irresistible healthy creaminess, emerged as one of our ten ‘Next Heroes in Food & Agtech.‘ Following their recent announcement of securing a significant €850,000 seed investment, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Dimitris Karefyllakis (on the far right), one of the visionaries behind this promising startup, to discuss their progress since last year. 

The ‘Cream’ of Innovation: A vivid picture of a startup on an upward trajectory

From refining the product-market fit to navigating the complexities of scaling up production, the startup faced several challenges head-on since participating F&A Next last year. “One of our biggest challenges was finding the right balance between the technical development of our product and the commercial approach for its market introduction,” Dimitris shares. Addressing these challenges required a blend strategic flexibility, and an unwavering commitment to the startup’s mission.   

“The role of F&A Next in deepening our connections within our network and with potential investors are invaluable.”

The importance of a balanced team  
“At the outset, we were a team heavy on technical expertise, deeply engrossed in the nuances of our product development,” he explains. This technical prowess, while indispensable, illuminated a gap in their strategy—the need for a keen focus on the commercial aspects of their startup.  

“Our challenge wasn’t just about creating an innovative product; it was about making it commercially viable, appealing to the market, and understanding the consumer landscape,” Dimitris reflects. He stresses the evolution of their team dynamics, integrating commercial acumen with technical expertise to navigate the market effectively. This transition marks a critical phase in their journey, underscoring the necessity of a team that harmonizes innovation with market strategies, ensuring that groundbreaking ideas also find their pathway to market success. 

What is Next?  
The recent closure of an €850,000 seed investment round, secured by investements from Alianza Team and existing shareholders Oost NL, SHIFT Invest and Oterap, marks a significant milestone for Time-Travelling Milkman. “This capital injection, aimed at bolstering the team and expanding market entry, really marked a new chapter for us.” Dimitris shares. The investment is a testament to their potential to make a substantial impact on the food sector. 

Deeping connections at F&A Next   
Looking back on last edition, Dimitris explains how the summit served as a vital networking hub, connecting Time-Travelling Milkman with investors, corporates, and other innovators. “A vibrant community is crucible for partnerships and collaborations. The role of F&A Next in deepening our connections within our network and with potential investors are invaluable. We are based in Wageningen, which makes F&A the perfect place for engaging with our network and partners in an inspirational setting. So, we are looking forward to seeing what F&A Next 2024 has in store for us.”  And so are we.  

Time-Travelling Milkman’s story highlights the enduring power of community, collaboration, and innovation in driving the future of sustainable food production – and that’s what we are all about.  

Connect with innovators like Dimitris and secure your seats for F&A Next 2024 (grab your chance while you can, we are almost sold out!)  

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