Tomorrow’s heroes in Food & Agtech

A quick peek into the selection process of the pitching companies. Diversity was the keyword for the selection process. We looked for diversity in backgrounds of the team, geographic presence and themes. With the selection, we’re trying to give the audience a taste for a range of innovations happening across the food supply chain.

The selected companies each address unique opportunities to transform the industry. The focus of the first day is the farm – with coverage of tech topics such as crop biotech, digital trading, insuretech/fintech, animal health, vision technology and intelligent robotics. The companies come from the United States, Sweden, United Kingdom, Greece and Switzerland. The second day is centered around the downstream part of the food supply chain. It hosts companies from India, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Russia and Germany. Themes include logistics, B2B marketplaces, food as medicine, packaging, personalized nutrition and cell based protein.

Wednesday 15 May

Description Augmenta

A machine vision/learning plug and play device that augments the capacity of arable land to improve farmer profitability.

Description Hectare Agritech

Hectare provides online marketplaces for farmers to buy and sell livestock and grain.

Description GreenLight Biosciences
GreenLight Biosciences is a leading RNA company developing targeted crop protection products.

Description Stable

Stable is a global risk management platform that helps food and farming businesses around the world manage volatile prices.

Description Mootral

MOOTRAL develops innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector.

Description Ignitia

Ignitia is the world’s first tropical weather forecasting company, delivering critical insights to African farmers.

Description Root.AI

Root is on a mission to create the intelligent robots that will help growers build the farms of the future.

Thursday 16 May

Description Phynova
Phynova turns the power of plants into next generation solutions that restore and maintain balance in human health.

Description B2B Food Group (Caterwings)
B2B Food Group is building the world’s leading company for B2B food ordering and delivery.

Description Atlas Biomed
Atlas is using DNA and microbiome insights to improve management of health, nutrition and physical activity.

Description Lactips

Lactips is disrupting the current market of conventional plastics with plastic-free packaging.

Description FlavorWiki

FlavorWiki helps the food and beverage industry evaluate consumer perception and preference in record time.

Ivy Farms

Ivy Farms are challenging conventional farming, producing the sustainable meat of the future.

  Description Edamam

Edamam is a cloud-based semantic technology platform for nutritional data.

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