F&A Next Unveils Next Heroes in Food & Agtech 2023

All over the world, ambitious founders of startups aim to shape a healthy and sustainable food system with their innovative technologies. This year, F&A Next has selected 10 of the world’s most promising startups in Food & Agtech to pitch live on stage: five pre-seed (early-stage) and five series A&B (later stage). Their innovation technologies range from Artificial Intelligence (A), Alternative Food Ingredients, Logistics, Energy Saving, to Modular Farming.

Already, innovations are making an impact and attracting keen interest from investors and media alike. The selected agrifoodtech startups will help shape a sustainable future where we consume within the boundaries of the planet. Get to know the Next Heroes in Food & Agtech 2023 below:

Early Stage Next Heroes in Food & Agtech (Pre/Seed)

With a global demand for more healthy and sustainable food production and agriculutral practices, the interest in novel agrifood technologies has grown rapidly. On Wednesday, 24 May, the first day of F&A Next 2023, five promising emerging startups transforming food and agriculture will showcase their innovative solutions and answer questions from our panel of judges.

Time-Travelling Milkman (Netherlands): Time-travelling Milkman’s mission is to make plant-based dairy the yummy part of our food culture. TTM provides irresistible plant creaminess through a dairy cream equivalent made from sunflower seeds.
Voltiris (Switzerland): Voltiris enables greenhouse growers to produce renewable energy within their greenhouses. This results in improved energy independence, profitability, and sustainability. Voltiris’ solar modules transform into green energy the part of the light not used for photosynthesis, while transmitting to crops everything required for optimal growth.
Foodsteps (United Kingdom): Foodsteps is the service for food businesses that want to reduce their environmental impact. Their data-driven tools and solutions help businesses to measure, report, analyze, reduce, and communicate all in one place – making impact targets easier to achieve.
Tupu (Germany): Tupu is building distributed, modular farming systems to feed tomorrow’s cities with locally grown, affordable, and nutritious products while reducing CO2 emissions and decreasing food miles.
Satis (United Kingdom): is on a mission to create the future of restaurant kitchens through artificial intelligence. The Satis Kitchen Brain assists kitchen workers in real time at their most critical pain points: from inventory management, to food assembly, to order accuracy.

Later Stage Next Heroes in Food & Agtech (Series A/B)

Already on their way to revolutionizing the food and agriculture space, these startups have alreayd receieved sizeable funding and are either ready to go to market or are already in the market. On Thursday 25 May, the following five exciting later stage startups transforming food and agriculture will present their ideas, concepts, and pitches at F&A Next.

Yolda (Germany): Yolda is a B2B freight forwarder that uses automated dispatching for efficient & sustainable agriculture transport. It connects business partners and logistics companies to offer data visibility, intelligent dispatching, dynamic pricing, and smart utilization of empty truck capacities. This reduces costs for shippers, increases income for carriers, and decreases CO2 emissions.
Toopi Organics (France): Toopi Organics is a four-years old French startup that addresses worldwide sanitation and fertilization issues by turning urine into a fermentation medium for a closed-loop microbials production.
Regrow Ag (USA): Regrow is a technology company on a mission to make regenerative agriculture globally ubiquitous. It uses leading science and technology to develop solutions that empower regenerative agriculture across all aspects of the supply chain, from growers to global food companies.
WNWN Food Labs (United Kingdom): WNWN was the world’s first company to bring cocoa-free chocolate to market. Why? Mass-produced cocoa is riddled with sustainability and ethical issues including child slavery and deforestation. WNWN uses cutting edge science to convert sustainable, plant-based ingredients into a delicious “alt-choc” that snaps, tastes, and melts just like conventional chocolate.
Sundew (Denmark): Sundew, formed in 2018, is a Danish-Dutch start-up biological technology venture focused on developing a range of biology-based technology platforms that enable the development of effective, affordable, environmentally benign products targeted at aquatic pests and diseases.

Meet the Next Heroes in Food & Agtech 2023 at F&A Next

Curious to learn more about the innovative solutions of these ten startups? Then make sure to join F&A Next 2023. In-person tickets are already sold out, but you can purchase your online ticket here.

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