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Birgit Dekkers

CEO & Co-Founder | Rival Foods
ABOUT Birgit Dekkers

Protein pioneer with a passion for feel good food
Birgit Dekkers is CEO and Co-Founder of Rival Foods. It all began in 2014 when Birgit Dekkers started researching the technological opportunities of plant-based proteins and how to create textures with them. After finalizing her PhD project at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, physicist and engineer Ernst Breel joined Birgit to co-found Rival Foods in 2019. With the mission to craft foods, they feel good about: plant-based foods without compromises.

High-quality plant-based whole-cuts, without compromising on texture, juiciness and taste.
Many of today’s plant-based meat or fish alternatives are processed products like burgers, minced meat, sausages and battered products. Alternatives for unprocessed whole-cuts, such as chicken breast, ribs and fish filet are still rare to find. With a unique production process, Rival Foods transforms plant-based ingredients into whole-cut products that have a remarkable texture, taste and juiciness and are easy to prepare with different cooking methods. Rival Foods core mission is to accelerate the protein transition and revolutionize the food industry by introducing plant-based products that suit any type of cuisine and any type of diet.

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