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Keri Carstens

CEO | Jord BioScience
ABOUT Keri Carstens

Born in the field
With an active family farm, combined with a Ph.D. in Toxicology and Entomology, as well as years of experience in product development and regulatory affairs, Keri Carstens is the ideal CEO for Jord BioScience. She leads a team determined to unleash the potential of the microbial movement, grounded in the fundamental belief that the industry must strive for improvement. This involves bringing forth a biology playbook that leverages microbial interactions to collaboratively design superior microbial products from the ground up.

The forefront of the microbial movement
Jord BioScience blends science, operational excellence, and commercialization experience to deliver custom microbial solutions to the world’s leading agricultural companies. Utilizing proprietary microbial technologies and leveraging over 30 years of data and insights, Jord BioScience expertly stimulates microbial isolates in synergistic combinations. This enhances the ability of microbes to work in harmony, promoting plant performance across a variety of crop systems. Their technology has been proven to increase the capacity of existing microbial solutions to protect, stimulate, and nourish plants.

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