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Maija Itkonen

CEO and Co-Founder | OneGo Bio
ABOUT Maija Itkonen

A passionate, science-driven innovator with a taste for egg protein
Maija Itkonen is a designer, innovator, third time founder who has built and exited two tech companies – and one of the pioneers in the alternative protein field. Currently she’s acting as CEO and Co-Founder of OneGo Bio, a food-biotech company producing egg proteins via precision fermentation. Maija has a passion for creating a more sustainable food system with protein sources that are delicious, nutritious and have minimal impact on the environment.

The Revolutionary Bioidentical Egg Protein: Bioalbumen®
As a science-driven food biotech company, OneGo Bio aims to transform the food system for the better by providing people access to sustainable, delicious, and healthy food options. With their animal-free egg protein, they offer a revolutionary food ingredient that is functional, nutritious, and delicious, all without making any compromises. Bioalbumen’s® production utilizes a safe, decades-old precision fermentation process. By producing bioidentical ovalbumin, the most crucial protein in egg white, they ensure the gold-standard nutritional and functional qualities of eggs in a reliable and sustainable way.

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