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President and CEO | Nijhuis Saur Industries
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ABOUT Menno Holterman

Menno Holterman is President and CEO of Nijhuis Saur Industries. He is seen as one of the most transformative leaders in the water industry. Given his track record, this is not surprising.

Menno was appointed CEO of Norit Clean Process Technologies Holding (successfully acquired by Pentair in May 2011) in 2010. He co-founded “Naesta” in 2012, dedicated to grow water technology companies, focusing on the water- energy- waste & food nexus. In 2012 Naesta invested in Nijhuis Water Technology, one of the largest and oldest wastewater treatment companies in the Netherlands.

An ambitious growth strategy was successfully implemented, turning Nijhuis Industries into a leading global company in sustainable water use and resource recovery. In 2020, Saur acquired Nijhuis to spearhead the expansion of Saur’s industrial water activities by successfully integrating the acquisitions of Econvert, Unidro, Nortech, Riventa, PWNT, Byosis, Sodai, Flootech, Aqua-Chem, and most recently the acquisition of Veolia’s Mobile Water Services.

As a WaterChampion, Menno considers it his mission to act and advocate that everyone gives water the value it deserves. At F&A Next, he will share his unique perspectives on replacing the linear water system with a decentralized, on-demand system. He will also highlight why  continuous innovation is one of the keys to an improved valuation of water in agrifood.