Join us on an exclusive tour of two leading research facilities in Wageningen, where innovation meets practical application in the fields of food and technology.

DSM-Firmenich, Wageningen: Dive into the world of dairy innovations with Petra Roubos, Global Application Manager for Fermented Milk and Plant-Based products. At DSM-Firmenich, you’ll explore the “Culture House,” where dairy starter cultures are developed. Witness the intricate process in our pilot plants, where we not only ferment dairy cultures but also craft the final dairy and dairy alternative products. Here, expertise in starter cultures merges with other ingredients like hydrocolloids, vitamins, enzymes, and flavors to create comprehensive food solutions. This tour gives you a glimpse into how the Taste, Texture & Health business unit is shaping the future of food.

OnePlanet Research Center: Experience cutting-edge advancements in health, nutrition, and environmental sciences with Arjan Tibbe, Scientific Director, and Joar Nilssen, Business Development Manager. OnePlanet Research Center, a collaboration between Wageningen University & Research, Radboud University, Radboudumc, and imec, showcases innovations in Precision Health, Nutrition & Behavior, and Precision Agriculture. This multidisciplinary hub is where technology and agri-food expertise converge to address global challenges in health and the environment.

This dual visit offers a unique opportunity to see firsthand how these two organizations are pioneering solutions that impact our food systems and health technologies. Don’t miss out on this inspiring journey through the frontiers of science and innovation.

May 23 @ 09:45
09:45 — 10:40 (55′)

On Campus