The German AgriFood Society has been around for almost 5 years. Since then, young entrepreneurs from the AgTech, FoodTech, and BioTech sectors have been trying to drive interest among young entrepreneurs and innovators. The main goal is to convince stakeholders, investors, and all interested parties of the value of innovators and entrepreneurs and to bring the right people together in the ecosystem.

As a young entrepreneurs’ association, we have realized that networking is incredibly important for startups. Additionally, we have noticed that interaction across the European continent would benefit all startups. This involves not only connecting to resources such as investors and stakeholders, but also building a politically articulate majority to better network innovation and the necessary structures, as well as existing structures. This is essential to ensure competitiveness against the USA and China.

This round table is an invitation to discuss how we can network cross borders in the agrifood space. We all have an interest in investors and stakeholders and, beyond that, the goal of revolutionizing the ecosystem with our ideas. This requires a European Startup Community that pulls together. 

May 23 @ 12:15
12:15 — 12:45 (30′)

Breakout Quantum 1

Dominik Ewald | GAFS