Discover the future of agrifood technology at Phenomea, Wageningen University & Research’s premier facility dedicated to postharvest research and agro-food robotics. At Phenomea, we’re not just observing—we’re revolutionizing the post-harvest process, leading the charge against food waste with groundbreaking solutions that enhance food safety and secure food supplies.

Join Eelke Westra, our Post-harvest Quality Program Manager, for an immersive tour through our state-of-the-art research hub. From the unique ATP testing room , which evaluates advanced refrigerated transport systems across extreme temperatures, to our specialized Controlled Atmosphere rooms that refine the storage and quality of fresh produce, every corner of Phenomea is engineered to foster innovation.

Phenomea’s packaging room is a critical piece of our research infrastructure, focusing on the sustainability and effectiveness of various packaging materials. Here, researchers determine the best packaging solutions to extend the shelf life of fresh products and meals through innovative techniques such as controlled atmosphere packaging, hot fill, and mild processing methods.

Witness real-time experiments in our physiology room, where cutting-edge tools assess product quality from peel to core, or explore our visionary room where optical and 3D sensors alongside deep learning algorithms push the boundaries of quality assessment and automatic measurement systems.

Phenomea is more than a research facility—it’s an incubator for next-generation technologies and methodologies in food preservation. Whether you’re seeking to invest in the next big innovation in the agrifood sector or aiming to align your business strategies with sustainable practices, a visit to Phenomea is more than just informative – it’s a step toward the future of the industry.

May 22 @ 11:20
11:20 — 12:20 (1h)

On Campus