Immerse yourself in the heart of agricultural innovation at Plus Ultra 2, the vibrant multitenant hub where the brightest minds in startups, corporates, and facilitators converge. Join us for a compelling visit where you’ll witness firsthand the collaborative spirit and cutting-edge initiatives that define the Wageningen innovation ecosystem.

During the tour, you’ll gain exclusive insights into how these diverse entities synergize to forge advancements in the agrifood sector. Experience the dynamic community through interactions with key figures driving this transformation:

Jean Boudillon, Program Manager at StartLife, the agrifoodtech accelerator that nurtures startups to scale innovative solutions. Discover more about their impact at StartLife.

Martin de Vos, Global Head of Research Vegetables at KWS, will share groundbreaking research initiatives. Learn how KWS is shaping the future of agriculture at KWS.

Corjan van den Berg, Co-founder of Revyve, a WUR spin-off, will discuss how their technologies rejuvenate waste into valuable resources. Explore their journey at Revyve.

Minerve Vicente, Program Manager Entrepreneurship at Foodvalley NL, will highlight how they are fostering a thriving agrifood ecosystem. Find out more at Foodvalley NL.

This visit isn’t just a tour—it’s a gateway to understanding how collaboration within the Wageningen ecosystem is sowing the seeds for a sustainable and prosperous agrifood future. Join us to be part of the transformation!

May 23 @ 13:30
13:30 — 14:30 (1h)

On Campus