Why do most startups fail? It’s not about the technology, product, or pricing — it’s about the people. In the dynamic world of startups, your team isn’t just part of your business; they are the heart of your success. Join this interactive workshop to discover how mastering human capital can catapult your business from initial concept to scalable success.

 Here’s what you’ll gain:

  1. Why people are so important
  2. Examples of success and setbacks.
  3. How to build your strategy in relation to people
  4. Retention Secrets

Wim van de Worp, founder of Nomilk2day, a distinguished executive search firm that forges powerful connections between organizations and top-tier professionals in the agribusiness and food industry sectors, will share his lessons learned. He is joined by Joana Carneiro, CEO of Nutrileads, a science-based company that develops and supplies award-winning, plant-based, precision prebiotic fibers that are clinically proven to promote human health. With years of successful leadership, Joana will offer invaluable insights into the strategic importance of people in scaling a business. 

Prepare for an engaging workshop where Wim and Joana share their story of success and setbacks. You are invited to participate actively, learn from collective experiences, and motivate each other towards achieving greater heights.

May 23 @ 11:30
11:30 — 12:00 (30′)

Breakout Quantum 2

Wim van de Worp | Nomilk2Day