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Patrick Asdaghi

CEO & Co-Founder | Carbon Maps
ABOUT Patrick Asdaghi

Entrepeneur that is redefining Sustainable Food Systems
Patrick Asdaghi is a serial entrepreneur having founded foodtechs FoodChéri and Seazon, before co-founding Carbon Maps. He is also an active business angel having invested in nearly 30 French Tech startups. Patrick holds an engineering degree from Telecom Paris and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He currently is the CEO of Carbon Maps.

The environmental accounting platform for the food industry
Carbon Maps is a comprehensive, science-based, data-driven environmental accounting platform dedicated to the food industry. Factoring in how (and not only what) farmers grow is essential to evaluate consumer products’ environmental impact, and it requires information and collaboration across the value chain. Carbon Maps is on a mission to help the food industry reduce its environmental footprint (carbon emissions, biodiversity, water use, animal welfare), by collecting and analyzing data, using science-based models, across all stages of the food chain, from farmers to consumers. The Carbon Maps’ SaaS platform enables agri-food industry players to perform rapid, high-precision assessments of the environmental impact of their products and agricultural raw materials.

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