F&A Next unveils the Next Heroes in Food & Agtech 2024

On 22 and 23 May, F&A Next is setting the stage for a sustainable revolution in the food industry by spotlighting ten of the world’s most innovative agrifoodtech startups. These pioneers will showcase their groundbreaking solutions to a large global audience, including renowned investors and corporates, in Wageningen. One startup will be crowned with the Feike Sijbesma Sustainable Innovation Award 2024, including a €25,000 prize grant, marking a pivotal step in accelerating the transformation towards sustainable food systems.  

For the ninth consecutive time, F&A Next has selected young companies that they believe have what it takes to become true game changers in the world of food and agriculture: the Next Heroes in Food & Agtech. The startups are divided into two categories: early and later stage. In May, the founders of these companies will pitch their solutions to 800+ impact-driven investors, corporates, researchers, fellow startups and scale-ups and other agrifoodtech professionals – aiming for an investment round and/or strategic partnerships. 

We proudly present our Next Heroes in Food & Agtech 2024

Early stage ‘Next Heroes in Food & Agtech’ (Pre-seed / Seed) 

  • Scope Biosciences (The Netherlands) – provides rapid molecular diagnostics using CRISPR-Cas.  
  • Besso (Switzerland) – uses Artificial Intelligence powered trade compliance software, starting with the chocolate industry.  
  • Bolder Foods (Belgium) – introduces MycoVeg, a functional mycelium ingredient that offers creamy and stretchy textures.  
  • Novogaia (United States) – uses Machine Learning and metabologenomics to discover bioactive natural products from fungi.  
  • Number 8 Bio (Australia) – develops highly scalable and affordable feed additives designed for long-lasting methane inhibition without rumen adaptation.  

Later stage ‘Next Heroes in Food & Agtech’ (Series A & B) 

  • Rival Foods (The Netherlands) – is the next generation of plant-based alternatives in the whole-cut category.  
  • CarbonMaps (France) – is an environmental accounting platform for the food industry.  
  • Onego (Finland) – uses Trichoderma technology to produce animal-free egg protein.  
  • CherryPick (United Kingdom) – offers an all-in-one app that finds recipes, plans meals, and orders groceries, while reducing waste.  
  • Jord BioScience (United States) –develops microbial technologies that enhance performance of biologicals products for improved crop productivity 

Feike Sijbesma Sustainable Innovation Award 2024  
One of these ten startups will also take home the prestigious Feike Sijbesma Sustainable Innovation Award 2024, which comes with a significant prize grant of €25,000. This award promotes science-based solutions from innovative startups around the world and is named in honor of Feike Sijbesma (former DSM CEO), who is renowned for making a significant impact with sustainable innovations in his capacity as a global corporate leader. The award, empowered by the DSM Brighter Living Foundation, is provided to help accelerate the growth of the company and its impact. 

On 23 May, at the closing of the F&A Next summit, Mr. Sijbesma will personally hand over the award to the winner. The winner will be selected by an independent jury of investors and experts with an extensive track record in the agrifood industry. The jury includes:  

About F&A Next  
F&A Next is a 2-day not-for-profit, impact-driven summit, founded in 2016 with the collective belief that innovation will be key to sustainably feed future generations and partnerships are needed to create impact. The organizers, Wageningen University & Research, Rabobank, StartLife, Anterra Capital and Foodvalley NL, celebrate a collaborative approach to innovation: “we need entrepreneurs for their drive, investors for their belief and corporates for their mass impact”. 

By connecting promising startups, scale-ups, dedicated food and agtech investors, innovative corporates and thought leaders, F&A Next mobilizes capital and resources to accelerate the sustainable transformation of global food systems. On 22 and 23 May, F&A Next will welcome over 800 people from around the world in Wageningen, the heart of the Food Valley region, to catalyze sustainable food and agri innovation.

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